What Does NoMoreCaptchas Do?

NoMoreCaptchas stops bots that try to register and log in to websites, leave spam comments on blogs and social sites and send spam message emails through contact forms.

Use it wherever you would use a CAPTCHA code.

Bots are detected by their behavior, which is detected during page load. Even the most advanced bots can’t successfully fake being human, so we detect their behavior with our cloud-based algorithms and block them from your site.

We invented this method of protecting websites and authenticating users while studying at the University of Oxford. The concept uses behavior, not text, IP addresses or other elements that would invade your privacy or can be spoofed.  Visit the Oxford BioChronometrics website to see more about the other work we do.

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It’s Fast

Users don’t need to do a thing when registering, logging in or submitting a form.

It’s Free!

NoMoreCaptchas is free for everyone – personal sites, charities and businesses of all sizes can enjoy blocking the bots that generate spam and fraudulent logins.

It’s Easy

There’s no set up or maintenance. Just register, install and you’re done.

It’s Secure

Bots are stopped automatically. It’s self-learning, too, so it keeps getting better.

It’s Informative

Get activity reports right in your admin dashboard so you can see the bots it has blocked and the humans it has let through.

It’s Accessible

Users never need to prove they are human, so there are no accessibility issues for the blind, visually impaired, impatient or anyone else.

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To use NoMoreCaptchas, we need you to register your domain with us. That way we can be sure your users and your dashboard are ready to go right away.

Just fill out the form below, hit send and you’ll be on your way to a Captcha-free site.


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I understand that users’ behavioral data are sent to the NoMoreCaptchas servers for analysis and verification.
I understand that users will see an image that confirms they are human with either the NoMoreCaptchas / Oxford Biochronometrics name and logo or that of a sponsor.

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We’re to make sure your life is filled with real people engaging with your digital content. No spam, no bots, just real human beings. If you’re a real human being and have a question for us, please drop us line. If you have a support question, please make sure you’ve read the FAQ and checked out our Support page first. Your question may have already been answered there. Thanks!