NoMoreCaptchas is the Only Way to Win a Losing Game!

nomorecaptchas-in-actionDid you know over 70% of users stop when they need to fill out a Captcha code? And once a human leaves a site, they are highly unlikely to return? That means you’re turning away 7 out of 10 people who want to engage with you.

We understand the problem website owners face: there’s so much spam and so many different kinds of bots, you can’t leave your site unprotected. But you don’t want to turn away your audience either.

Sure, there are some products out there that try to verify everything against whitelists and blacklists, but a list is only as good as the humans who maintain it. They’re slow, can be wrong – and they can be hacked.

What Makes NMC Unique?

We developed NoMoreCaptchas (or NMC) to use behavior to determine if the thing knocking on your door is a human or a bot. We send all bots away and let humans in.

The method is called biochronometrics and it maps behavior based on a series of complex algorithms. 5 million live tests show that bots can’t mimic human behavior when biochronometrics are applied.

With an SLA of 99.9% and 100% bot detection in all tests to date, you can’t lose.

Try It Now, Say Goodbye to Bots & Welcome Human Beings!

Why Use NMC?

It’s Accessible

Users never need to prove they are human, so there are no accessibility issues for the blind, visually impaired, impatient or anyone else.

It’s Informative

Get activity reports right in your admin dashboard so you can see the bots it has blocked and the humans it has let through.

It’s Secure

Bots are stopped automatically. It’s self-learning, too, so it keeps getting better.

It’s Easy

There’s no set up or maintenance. Just register, install and you’re done.

It’s Free!

NoMoreCaptchas is free for everyone – personal sites, charities and businesses of all sizes can enjoy blocking the bots that generate spam and fraudulent logins.

It’s Fast

Users don’t need to do a thing when registering, logging in or submitting a form.