Pre-sales Questions

What makes NoMoreCaptchas different?

Our technology was developed at the University of Oxford when our founders where there as cryptography researchers. It verifies humans and blocks bots based on user behavior. We don’t use puzzles or tricks. Our method can’t be hacked or spoofed. It’s passive (no one needs to do anything) and always on, so you are always protected. Plus it’s self-learning, so as time goes on and bots change their tactics, our technology changes to keep blocking them.

We also don’t use blacklists and whitelists to cross check users. Those databases are as fallible as the humans who maintain them. They can fail to block new bots and even keep out humans whose sites or IP addresses have been taken over without them knowing it.

What we use is a user’s e-DNA, or Electronically Defined Natural Attributes, to determine whether the user is a bot or a human. Since even the best bots only poorly mimic a few human attributes, we detect them and block them from your site. And users don’t need to do anything but be themselves, so they don’t slow down and your engagement goes up.

What does your name mean? What are biochronometrics?

Bio means life, chrono means time and metrics are measurements. So we measure life signs over time to determine whether something is a bot or human. That time usually takes about 500 milliseconds and starts while the page is loading. Humans never notice a delay and their behavior lets them in. Bots’ behavior blocks them out and even the best bots cannot fake being human.

Does anyone else do what you do?

No. Many are trying to figure out what we’ve already done. This is the way authentication technology is moving, but no one has found and packaged the solution like we have. We spent years of research at Oxford University to come up with what we have. We may get some true competitors some day, but right now, we’re speeding down the highway while everyone else in the market is basically still using a horse and buggy.

Do I have to register?

Yes. In order to ensure your site is protected, we must open access to our cloud-based service to your site. In order to do that, we need to know you want to connect to us. Please take a moment to register. It really takes just a minute or two!

Do I need a credit card to register for NoMoreCaptchas?

No. Registration is free and does not require a credit card. NoMoreCaptchas is free to use.

Is NoMoreCaptchas compatible with BuddyPress?

Yes. We have tested it up to the latest release (BuddyPress and it is compatible.

Which pages does NoMoreCaptchas protect?

NoMoreCaptchas prevents spambots from registering or logging in to your site as well as commenting. It also protects your ContactForm 7 forms.

In other words, it protects the pages where you would normally place a Captcha code.

Does NoMoreCaptchas protect contact forms?

If you’re using WordPress, we are compatible with Contact Form 7. We may also work with other contact form plugins, although we have not necessarily tested them. For other content management systems, the answer is typically yes as well, but please inquire to be sure.

Is NoMoreCaptchas a 508-compliant solution?

Yes. Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires websites to be built in such a way that the blind, visually impaired and others with disabilities are able to use the site without issue. Most Captcha solutions are very difficult for those with visual impairments – and the audio solutions are a clumsy workaround at best.

Since NoMoreCaptchas doesn’t require users to do anything but be human, the path is made equally accessible to everyone.

Who shouldn't use NoMoreCaptchas?

Spammers, scammers, bots, trolls and other Internet bottom-dwellers really should avoid NoMoreCaptchas. We’re out to make their lives difficult, so they really don’t like us.

Why not just use a CAPTCHA code?

Traditional CAPTCHA, Recaptcha and other solutions that challenge a user to solve a problem drive users away. Stanford University researchers conducted a great study on CAPTCHAs use and found that over half of all users either leave as soon as they see a Captcha-style puzzle or fail to get it right.

We don’t believe anyone can afford to send over half of their users away, so we came up with something that is simple and reliable – and does not require users to do anything but use your site.

Installation Questions

What do I need to install NoMoreCaptchas?

Installing NoMoreCaptchas is easy. All you need are the plugin zip file and your License Key.

To get your License Key, register your site with us. As soon as you do, we’ll send you your license key.

Registering allows us to create a unique key for your site that will make your NoMoreCaptchas keeps spam bots away and only allows humans through the door.

What's a License Key?

A License Key is a long string of characters that’s created to link your site with NoMoreCaptchas’ spambot-detectors and feed your dashboard information.

It will look like “abc123xyz456”, but will be much longer.

How do I get a License Key?

Once you register to activate NoMoreCaptchas, our system automatically generates one for you and assigns it to your domain.

It will be sent to you in an email immediately (the average wait time is 9 seconds).

How do I install NoMoreCaptchas?

To install NoMoreCaptchas, simply

  • Register
  • Download the file you need
  • Go to your WordPress dashboard: Plugins>Add New> Upload and select the Zip file you downloaded
  • Click on Activate once WordPress is done installing it
  • Then enter your License Key and click on Validate

The whole process takes less than 5 minutes – and you can see it step by step here. Imagine – you’re 5 minutes away from no annoying Captchas and no really annoying spam bots!

What do I do with my License Key?

Once you register a License Key will be sent to you. Simply copy and paste the License Key into the License Key field in your WordPress dashboard, under Settings>NoMoreCaptchas.

Then click on Validate License Key.

Can I use the same License Key for multiple sites?

No. Each site has its own key. They cannot be shared.

In my settings page, I see an "Authenticating Code". What is this?

This is a code NoMoreCaptchas automatically generates to confirm  your License Key has been properly registered on our server.

How do I access my NoMoreCaptchas Dashboard?

Seeing NoMoreCaptchas in action is believing, and there’s no better place to see it happen than your Dashboard. If you have a free version of NoMoreCaptchas, you’ll see the last 400 actions. If you’re one of your subscribers (thanks!) you’ll be able to customize your view.

For all users of NoMoreCaptchas 2.0, you will find your NoMoreCaptchas dashboard in the dashboard of your site. For WordPress users, go to Dashboard>Settings>NoMoreCaptchas.

How do I protect my contact forms from spam?

If you’re using WordPress and Contact Form 7, protection is automatic. If you use something different, please let us know and we can look into putting it in our development queue. We may already be compatible with your plugin as many operate in a similar way.

Support Questions

How can I tell if NoMoreCaptchas is working?

nomorecaptchas-in-actionIf there’s one thing the Internet is not short on, it’s spam bots trying to get into sites. But don’t take our word for it – check your dashboard in Dashboard>Settings> NoMoreCaptchas and you’ll be able to keep track of how many users are verified each month and how many are tossed out for being bots.

Also, you can see if it’s properly installed or not when you login. First, you’ll see NoMoreCaptchas figuring out if you’re human when you see this:


Once NoMoreCaptchas has determined you are a human and not a bot, it will show you an image like this to let you know it’s done its job.

I’m still getting spam, what’s happening?

If you just installed NoMoreCaptchas, there are a few things that could be happening:

  1. You may not have registered. If you believe you did (or if you’re a subscriber, if know you are up to date on your payment but are not listed as active), please contact us at
  2. If that’s not the case, then your License Key was not properly entered into the control panel. This can happen with a long code like that. Please be sure to copy and paste it directly from the email we sent you originally. If you no longer have your License Key, please contact us at or fill out the support form so we can send you a new one.
  3. It is also very likely that this bit of spam was in the queue before you installed NoMoreCaptchas and your site pushed it live after NoMoreCaptchas was installed. Queues tend to lag up to 48 hours behind what goes live. Check your pending comments and user registrations to make sure you don’t have a queue built up.

I’m getting spam, but it’s in trackbacks and pingbacks, not comments. What’s going on?

Trackbacks and pingbacks are two built-in ways that WordPress lets sites and blogs know when they talk about each other. They happen automatically. A pingback is just an automatic notice. A trackback has a comment with it. Almost every trackback we’ve ever seen has been spam.
To prevent this remote, manual spam, you can go to your WordPress dashboard Setting>Discussion and uncheck the box next to “Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks)”.



Then that spam won’t have a back door to your WordPress site any more and no future posts will have this issue.


If you want to eliminate Trackbacks and Pingbacks on existing posts (and pages), do the following:

  1. Go to Dashboard>Posts
  2. Click ‘Screen Options’ at the top right
  3. Change the “View ‘x’ number of posts” to something that will help you get this done quickly (like 100 or 200)
  4. Check the ‘Select All’ box to select all posts on that page
  5. Click ‘Edit’ from the Bulk Actions dropdown menu
  6. Set the ‘Pings’ dropdown to be ‘Do not allow’
  7. Click Update and you’re done!
  8. Now, if you want, repeat these steps for pages and you won’t get another spam Trackbacks or Pingback.

When I try to login NoMoreCaptchas says my site has not been registered. It used to be fine. What happened?

Older versions of NoMoreCaptchas (lower than 1.3.2) have been deprecated and do not work. Please upgrade to a new version for better protection and to remove the robot’s message.

I'm seeing a weird error on my dashboard. What is that?

When the installation does not properly delete all of your old files, it’s possible to see an error that looks like this:

Warning: fopen(/…/wp-content/plugins/nomorecaptchas/logs/5-07-01.txt): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

In other words, WordPress did not install the plugin properly. While this is extremely rare, if this happens to you, the easiest thing to do is to

  • Access your site through FTP
  • Navigate to /wp-content/plugins/nomorecaptchas/
  • Delete all the files in that folder
  • Upload the files in the NoMoreCaptchas ZIP file.